C&S return with the follow up to DM Trax Maker, a great instrument ensemble for NI Reaktor to easily create Deep / Minimal trax by layering beat, bass, perc, theme and hihat loops. These can be manipulated in pitch, frequency, playback position, filter settings and via the internal mixer featuring a reverb and a delay unit. In other words, you can quickly create dozens of cool trax based on the superb samples and easy handling. 20 cool presets are already included. To arrange your creations you can simply record the output in your DAW and afterwards put together the best parts or you use the single outputs for each element to arrange and expand them in your DAW. Either way, with DM Trax Maker 2 you´ll get quick inspirations for your next productions.

Pack Details

1 Reaktor (V6.1) Ensemble feat.:
64 Beat Loops
64 Bass Loops
64 Percussion Loops
100 Theme Loops
64 Hihat Loops
20 Presets
785 MB

Reaktor Full Version 6.1 & higher needed

Available here